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Women of paradise.

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They are the women who entered paradise because Allah gives ridha to them.

  1. Khadijah bint Khuwailid radhiyallahu ‘anha
  2. Fatimah bint Muhammad radhiyallahu ‘anha
  3. Asiyah bint Muzahim radhiyallahu ‘anha, and
  4. Maryam bint Imran radhiyallahu ‘anha

There must be some reasons why Allah SWT chose these women to be the women of jannah. They must have done something special. But, what did they do?


These women sacrifices everything in their life only for Allah SWT.

So, how about us? What did we sacrifice for this deen? Pray 5 times a day? Fast every Monday & Thursday? Do charity? These are all basic.

Let’s take a look to sayyidah Khadijah radhiyallahu ‘anha. She had wealth, power, and status. After Islam was sent down, she gave her everything non-stop and unconditionally. She was the first person who supported the Prophet. She gave her businesses to Allah SWT. She never chose to be in her comfort zone. She was courageous and noble.

How far have we come? How much of Khadijah in us? We can’t even give Allah SWT an hour of our sleep.

Sacrifice has to be special between Allah SWT and us.

If we’re in love with someone, he must be the number 1 priority in our lives. Now, what about Allah SWT? How many times do we put what we love to no. 2 because Allah SWT is our no. 1? Did we stop our work when we heard adzan? Or did we continue? So, who is our no. 1?

If we want to be loved by Allah SWT, do what He loves us to do. A true lover never disobey Allah SWT.

ان الله مع الصابرين

Indeed, Allah is with the patient. (QS Al Baqarah : 153)

So, if we do not perform sabr, we only claim ourselves to love Allah SWT. Yet, there’s nothing cheaper than talk. We need to walk the talk.

Ways to jannah

Either nikmah (gives us what we want) or challenge (takes us what we have), both are tests. Be very happy for the tests he gave us because it’s our path to jannah.

Each of us will one by one come back to Allah SWT and be asked about everything (wealth, influence, family, etc). See the privilege He gave us. What for?

Most of the time, privilege in dunya doesn’t make us closer to Allah. So, if we had to choose, choose akhirah. What’s good about life is everything that brings us to jannah.

Do not get trapped with dunya standards, it will not get us closer to jannah.

— from the Islamic lecture with syaikhaa Dr. Sh. Haifaa Younis.


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